An easy & affordable way to save for college

With a Future Path 529 Plan account, your savings has the potential to grow at a faster rate than if you had invested in a comparable taxable account. The plan offers several tax advantages that can help you save more for education.

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How it works


Start your education savings journey

Open a Future Path 529 account & select the investment options that are right for you.


Save regularly & stay on track

Every contribution counts. Contribute anytime or set recurring contributions to make saving automatic.


Use your 529 savings when you are ready

Your savings can be used at a variety of eligible educational institutions for tuition, books, fees, and more!1

Manage your account anywhere, anytime, from any device.


Join our 529 savings webinar to learn more

Join us to learn about the benefits of Future Path 529 - Nevada's 529 college savings plan to help you save for future educational expenses.

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1 An eligible institution is one that can participate in federal financial aid programs and k-12 programs.